Available for the following

  • Children under the age of 16
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card Holders
  • Commonwealth Pension Card Holders
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Holders

**** Bulk Billing is for consultations only. A fee may apply to procedures as a facility fee.****


No Medicare Rebates for:


Consultation Day

Standard Consultation
Under 20 Minutes

Long Consultation
20 – 40 Minutes

Prolonged Consultation
Over 40 Minutes

Monday to Saturday




  • Medical reports – variable charges.
  • Insurance Policy Medical Reports - $120 per report.
  • Taxi License Medical – $120 per assessment.
  • Pre-Employment Medical – $120 per assessment.
  • Overseas Visitors – Non Medicare Rebate charges.
  • TAC Cases Consultations - $75 per consultation.

Procedure/Theatre/Out of Pocket fees for:

  • Removal of skin lesions
  • Implanon,Mirena
  • Venesection
  • Pap Smear
  • Sutures, Others (ask more for details).
  • Small Procedures and dressing - $20

An additional fee will be charged for accounts not settled on the day of consultation.



We have waived off our Private Fee charges. From 26 OCT 2015, we will not charge out of pocket expenses to GP consultations.


This means all the GP consultations at our clinic will be Bulk Billed.


InnerCare Family Health Clinic foundation is based on Private Practice policies and procedures. This involves lots of background work to manage our clients health pro-actively. We have decided bring special care to our clients without any extra cost, hence our services will bring extra care and advantage to our clients.


* Any minor procedures done at our clinic can incur a small charge for our services.


Our Quality and Commitement: 


1. No overbooking of patients - 15 min standard appointment.

2. No Long wait time - we run our scheduled appointments on time.

3. Complete follow up of Health Alerts and Medical Conditions of our patients - Pro-Active care.

4. Special care by our Allied Health and Specialists associates - Diabetes Educator, Psychologist and others.

5. Many other extra advantages of Family oriented comprehensive health treatement.


Most bulk billing practices see a person  in less than 10 minutes, ie 6-7 patients an hour. In a quality care practice like ours, we see not more than 4 patients an hour.



Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: For appointments not kept or cancelled within 24 hours, a fee may be applied. This is not rebate able by Medicare.


If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment please contact us in advance to avoid cacellation charges.




                                                                                               DISABLED PARKING AND TOILETS AVAILABLE. 

                                                                              WHEELCHAIR ACCESS THROUGH LIFT AND WITHIN THE PRACTICE.