Our GP’s Provide Comprehensive Medical Care:

We provide comprehensive health care and treatment. We not only deal with immediate health issues but also work on pro-active health management. We educate our clients about their health conditions and encourage them to take necessary steps for healthy wellbeing and happy lifestyle.


Our Main Health Services Categories Are:

Shared Maternity Care

Travel Health advice & Vaccines

Childhood Immunisation

Women’s Health

Diabetes management

Onsite Pathology

Children’s Health

Chronic Disease management

Minor Procedures



Over all other services are mentioned below (but not limited to):


1. Children's Health
- post natal checks
- Immunisation
- Healthy Kids 4 years old check up
- Asthma 
- Eczema

2. Antenatal visits

3. Adults
- Health check ups
- Diabetes Care
- Blood Pressure control and management
- Heart Health
- Quit Smoking
- Mental health
- Preventative Medicine
- Weight Management.

4.Women's Health
- Pre pregnancy advice.
- PAP smears
- Reproductive Health
- Peri and postmenopausal care

5. Travel Advice

6. Pathology on site

7. Spirometry/ Lung function Testing.

8. ECG


Our Key Health Services Focus

  • Better Health services and knowledge
  • Improved physical, mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Reduce sick days.
  • High quality and standards in health service delivery
  • Increased creativity, innovation and advancements.


What to Expect?

At your first visit to our clinic a thorough medical history and physical examination may establish good Doctor to Client relationship. So for first visit, please book a long appointment and bring the list of your medications if you take any.


 We do not rush through appointments, we provide better care and better health services.